Tree and forest linked rural industry and development

Basket Weaving
Basket Weaving

Agroforestry is an innovative, systematic approach to land use, which recognises that trees and shrubs can play a central role in sustaining and enhancing the distinctive environment, economy and social fabric of Europe for the benefit of all.

Agroforestry deals with a far greater range of economic species, products, potential users, and planting arrangements than current European forestry. An understanding of how trees or shrubs interact with their environment (crops, animals, soils etc) is a pre-requisite for the design of viable agroforestry systems.

The company is centrally involved in the development of economically viable agroforestry systems. These include the use of multipurpose trees in bioenergy, animal production, orchard and arable settings. We have given policy advice to a number of agencies and have contributed to two main publications.